With the 8 in 1 hoop set, there is no need to dismantle garments to stitch on one side anymore. The versatility and broad range of options the 8 sets of hoops provide are endless.

Using an adhesive backing (stabiliser) and some binder clips you can personalize any garments.

With the adhesive side up, place the hoop right way up onto the backing. Remove any excess backing from the outer rim of the hoop.

Slide the hoop onto the frame (ensuring adhesive side up) and the two holes will lock into place. Tighten the bolt on the frame to secure. Hoop your garment onto the frame and stick to the adhesive. (eg. If hooping pants, slide hoop down the leg of the pants). Place the frame onto one arm of the machine.

Choose the “Other” option under the Design Set on your machine to set the correct frame. This enables you to centre the frame. Scan your design to ensure the design fits inside the frame allowance and then start your design to stitch out.

8 sets of hoops that fit into 1 frame.

  • 3 x Narrow hoop to fit inside a sleeve cuff or shirt pocket
  • 2 x square frames for bags, pot holders etc.
  • 2 x Larger narrow frames for the legs of jeans or other pants or an oven mitt or shirt sleeves
  • Rounded hoop perfect for hoodies or the back of a hat/cap
Weight 1.0 kg
Ricoma 8 in 1 Hoop Set