Enjoy a new level of performance with the Juki’s newest quilting and sewing machine the DX-2000 is a Professional Quality Quilting and Sewing Machine created for quilters, backed with industrial technology. With 287 Stitch Patterns including 4 fonts, the newest model in the Juki sewing machine range is packed full of innovative functions by virtue of industrial and home sewing technologies. Experience a machine and quality that only the world’s largest industrial sewing machine company can offer. The new Smart Sewing Operation System allows you to customise operations to suit your sewing needs and quilters will love specialty quilt accessories dedicated for the DX-2000QVP in addition to a variety of stitch patterns. When only the best will do!


Automatic Tension System
Automatic Thread Trimming
Automatic Foot Lift
Automatic Needle Threader
Box Feed System – Industrial machine technology delivers powerful feed capacity plus beautiful seams regardless of fabric type
Customise Functions to suit your preference.
Dual LED Lights.
Floating Foot Function – Pressing the float button brings the foot to a slightly raised position. It dramatically improves material ply shift during feeding resulting in flatter seams of difficult operations.
Foot Pivot Function
Independent Bobbin Winding Function.
Straight Stitch Slide Plate – Simply slide the front lever to switch to a single needle hole, this feature is perfect for ultra-light materials to prevent fabric distortion during stitching.
Wide Table Included.
and much more …


Maximum Sewing Speed : 1050 spm
No. of Stitch Patterns (Font) : 287 (4)
Sewing Area (max.) : 203mm x 112mm
Max. Stitch Length : 5mm
Max. Zig Zag Width : 7mm
No. of Buttonholes : 10
Presser Foot Lift : Manual Hand Lever
Knee Press Lever
Electronic Foot Lift
Adjustable Foot Pressure : Yes
Needle Type : 705H
Dimensions : 445(W) x 291(H) x 210 (D) mm
Weight (Machine only.) : 10.3kg

Included Accessories:

400-57923 – Standard Presser Foot
HSM001141000000 – Bobbin (4)
400-80966 – Button Presser Foot (E)
401-12905 – Manual Buttonhole Presser Foot (I)
400-80960 – Overcasting Presser Foot (C)
401-12904 – Blind Stitch Presser Foot (D)
A9823-010-0A0 – Zipper Presser Foot (B)
A9110-700-000 – T-Shape Screwdriver
A9131-990-000 – Seam Ripper
A9137-990-000 – Cleaning Brush
A1145-E50-000 – Small Spool Cap
A1150-980-000 – Middle Spool Cap
400-80953 – Walking Foot (N)
400-80959 – Patchwork Presser Foot (P)
400-79312 – Smooth Presser Foot (T)
400-83061 – Twin Needle (one set)
400-80962 – Open Toe Presser Foot (O)
400-80964 – Quilt Presser Foot (Q)
400-80965 – Edge Sewing Presser Foot (R)
A9833-550-0A0 – Quilt Guide
400-58089 – Auxiliary Spool Pin
A9103-380-000 – Eyelet Punch
A9829-880-0A0 – Cording Presser Foot (H)
400-80951 – Applique Presser Foot
400-80956 – Pearl Attaching Presser Foot
400-80952 – Presser Foot with Guide
400-80950 – Cording and Embroidery Presser Foot
401-44122 – Foot Controller
400-70255 – Knee-lifting Lever
Wide Table

Optional Accessories:

400-91174 – Advanced Quilter's Kit
400-91175 – Foot Heavy User Kit
400-80967 – Auxiliary Spool Pin (additional Spool Pin)
401-64071 – 1/4" Foot Presser
400-80949 – Quilt presser foot (open Type)
400-80953 – Quilt Presser Foot (Zigzag Type)
400-80954 – Binder presser foot

400-80958 – Rolled hemming presser foot
400-80957 – Hemming presser foot for zigzag
400-80955 – Invisible Zipper foot
400-80969 – Button attaching Presser foot
A9848-D25-0A0 – Magnetic Gauge
401-65358 – Foot Switch Stopper
401-63897 – Thread Stand
401-64074 – Stitch Area Magnifier

Weight 10.3 kg
Dimensions 445 × 210 × 291 mm
Brochure DX-2000QVP


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Included Accessories


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