Create the latest sophisticated styles, trendy sportwear, stretchy activewear, adorable children’s wear, decorative home fashions and more! With the MO-735N you can expand your sewing capabilities with a wide range of 2/3/4 thread overlock stitch variations. These Juki Sergers can handle all types of fabrics from ultra-light weight to heavy weight and the most difficult-to-feed materials. Achieve virtually every serger technique and decorative stitch you’ve imagined with the Juki MO-735N


Adjustable Differential Feed
Adjustable Stitch Length
Adjustable Lower Knife
Automatic chain looper threader
Automatic Looper Threading
Automatic Rolled Hemming
Auxiliary Bed for chain and coverstitch
Higher Presser Foot Lift
Lay-in Type Thread Tension Slots
LED light fixture
Micro Safety Switch
Retractable Upper Knife
Waste bin
Wide Overedge Width (5 – 9mm)
2 or 3 needle Bottom Coverstitch
2 Thread chainstitch
2/3 Thread Conversion Cap
15 Overlock Stitch Variations
5 Thread safety stitch


Sewing Speed : Maximum 1,500 spm
Number of threads : 2/3/4/5 Threads
Standard Overlock width : Left needle: 7 mm;Rolled Hem: 2 mm;Right needle: 5 mm
Stitch length : 1-4 mm (standard 2.5mm/ Rolled hem 1 – 1.5mm)
Differential Feed: : 0.7-2.0 Ratio
Needle : 130/705H Nm 70,80,90
Built-in Rolled Hemming : Right(Narrow) or Left (Wide) Needle/2 or 3 thread
Decorative Flatlock : Right or left Needle/2 or 3 thread
Presser foot Lift : 5mm
2/3 Thread Converter : Standard with unit,easy to use conversion cap
Multi-Purpose Presser Foot : Same foot is used for overlock, chainstitch and coverstitch
Compensating Presser Foot: Parallel to throat plate to compensate for coverstitching multiple layers
Light : LED

Included Accessories:

A9130-777-0A0 – Upper Looper Converter
A9106-776-000B – Spool Caps
A9109-202-000 – Tweezers
A9105-334-000 – Cleaning Brush/Needle inserter
A9107-202-000 – Needle Threader
A9116-335-000 – Nets
A4145-534-0A0 – Lower Knife
A9110-776-000 – Small screwdriver
A9103-102-000 – Large Screwdriver
A9180-735-0B0 – Cover/Chain Stitch extension plate
A1501-130-0C0 – Cover stitch presser foot
A9104-102-0A0 – Oiler
A9120-735-0A0 – Accessory bag
A9102-800-000 – Dust cover
Waste Collector – A9108-130-000
A1118-779-A00 – Spool Holder

Optional Accessories:

A9810-634-0A0A – Blindstitch Presser Foot
A9815-655-0A0A – Elasticator Presser Foot
A9820-655-0A0A – Cording Presser Foot
A9870-634-0A0A – Beading Presser Foot
A9860-655-0A0C – Gathering Presser Foot
A9865-655-0A0A – Piping Presser Foot
A9521-634-0A0A – Universal/Blindstitch Presser Foot
A9511-634-0A0A – Curved Pearl Foot
400-64939 – MO Attachment Set (3 pcs)
400-64938 – MO Attachment Set (6 pcs)
401-22229 – Coverstitch hem guide

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 330 × 260 × 290 mm
MO-735N Brochure


Included Accessories


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MO-735 Instruction manual



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