RCM-1501TC-7S Single-Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

Equipped with all the necessary attachments to get you started, the TC is ideal for startups or established apparel businesses that want to expand their product line into embroidery.

The RCM-TC-1501 is a fifteen needle commercial embroidery machine equipped with all the attachments you need to embroider on anything you can imagine. 

With a 20 million stitch memory and 1,200 stitch per minute speed you will have designs stitched out in no time. 

  • 7 inch high definition, true colour monitor 
  • On-board lettering 
  • Designed to avoid hitting hoop frames 
  • One-step appliqué 
  • One-step tracing 
  • 20 million stitched or 200 designs memory 
  • Plus more fantastic features. 

Included Features:

Optional Accessories:

Bonus Laser Device

There’s no more hitting hoops with this easy to install tracing tool. Just watch as the laser pointer will trace designs in seconds. 
RRP $299 

Belt Hoop 

The Belt Hoop is designed for embroidery on belts and straps. With an 200mm by 100mm embroidery area, the device allows ample room for embroidery on a wide range of items. 
RRP $399 

Robot Frame 

With the Robot Frame, you can embroider on anything from bags and pockets to shoes and purses. Regular frames don’t allow for embroidery on unusually shaped finished goods. Where regular frames fail, Robot Frame prevails.
RRP $1,699 

8 in 1 Hoop Set 

A great solution for difficult-to-hoop items, this set of 8 hoops is designed to help customers accomplish embroidery on items such as shirt pockets, socks, cap backs, shirt sleeves, collar tips and more.
RRP $499 

Extension Table & Sash Frame 560mm x 400mm 

The extended table is the perfect aide for embroidery on oversized items such as backs of Jackets and Clothing, Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Shirts etc, Wedding Dresses and Formal Wear, Fabric Embellishment, Large Quilt Blocks, Table Centres, Cushions and much more.
RRP $499 

Extra Large Extension Table and Sash Frame 

Perfect to embroider on extra oversized items such as borders on clothing including; Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Shirts, Wedding Dresses and Formal Wear, Sashes, Quilt Covers, Quilts, Table Runners, Curtains, Sheets and the list goes on.
Embroidery Area: 1200mm x 350mm
RRP $3,590


Needle  15
Head  1
Max Speed  1200 SPM
Internal Memory  20,000,000 stitches or 200 Designs 
Memory Media  Ethernet Connection, USB 
Max Embroidery Area  560mm x 360mm 
Cap Embroidery  270° wide angle 
Net Weight  90kgs 
Shipping Weight  163kgs 
Machine Measurements mm  740W x 860D x 1575H 
Software  Chroma Inspire 
Warranty  2 Limited Warranty 


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